Beer, Lime & Sunshine

His View -

Life.  A bit like holding your breath.  The day to day and kids are great.  Certainly amazing at times.  

There is that overwhelming pressure and sense of release that only comes from getting the hell out and

leaving all the stuff that creates gray scale behind.  Sun on skin and less clothing is a great antidote to life.  

Nothing like the sight sound, and… insert other here, of my bride to re-connect and experience the world

as it was meant to be experienced…. With little or no clothing. ~ Aaron

Her View ~

We are two hard-working professionals, raising kids, and constantly planning our next Adults-Only vacation so we can reconnect with sexy time in the tropical sun while enjoying a beer in hand and toes in the sand.  In between vacations we are always search of the next great beer, brewery and eats! Since we are constantly asked about our trips and recommendations, we thought what better way to share than from a HIS/HER point of view.  One of the things I love about my man (besides him being sexy as hell), is his simple yet very funny views. You will find my views to be tame and his to be teetering on the proverbial line at times, but hilarious I am sure! Are we professional writers? NO.  Do we take some pretty cool photos? YES! Enjoy ~ Julie

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A beer & travel blog from a His/Her point of view


Traveling couple in search of

Great Beers🍺 + maybe a Beach 🌴 + Bikini 👙


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