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"Good Food = Good Mood"

We had always heard of the amazing beauty and waters in Belize, but really hadn't heard anything about the food. Belize is the only country that does not allow any type of franchise, so you will find no fast-food or coffee big chains here. We were absolutely surprised and happy with all of the fresh hand-made cuisine, and extremely flavorful.


HIS VIEW - Great way to start our day! Iced coffee and simple but exceptional breakfast and great views. Canadian owners were great, and I don’t even like Hockey!

HER VIEW - We found this cute cafe' just down the beach from our resort, Ramon's Village and we had breakfast there every day after. The iced coffee and fresh fruit plate was delicious, but we really devoured their Belizean breakfast which consists of eggs, re-fried beans, bacon and the best part of the meal was "fry jacks" - they are small triangles of fried dough, a local favorite. How can you not love that greasy goodness. My mouth is watering right now!


HIS VIEW - Damn good Burrito! There may be heroine or some sort of narcotics in the rice. The Mango’s burrito with chicken is a complete meal. A Caribbean/ Mexican fusion dish, it is simple in design, and complex in flavor profile (that’s deep for me). Homemade hot sauces compliment, and will burn your ass off. Fun to watch the local kids walk by on recess or after school.

HER VIEW - This place by far was our favorite dinners on the island. The huge Mango burrito was my favorite, but the jerk chicken was awesome too! Great ocean views from the deck and service was amazing.


HIS VIEW - Romantic and not pretentious. Just great food and service. I think I had some Tacos, but what I remember most was that even though unassuming, it was one of the best meals I have had.

HER VIEW - Oh Elvi's.. how I wish I could eat there every night. It's an award winning high-end restaurant... with sand floors! I got to gaze across the table at my sexy man by candle light and bonus, had my toes in the sand. You can't beat this dinner time romantic ambiance. Food was equally delicious with perfect portions. Loved my shrimp dish, and the had the four tacos with several different sauces.


HIS VIEW - So we happened upon Hurricane's 3 years ago when we were here and heard this kid Josh playing his guitar🎵with some of my fav jams. Present day and a new, sturdier location, and guess who's working the bar and playing some jams for us!? Awesome place. Thanks Josh! (PS. try the namesake will rock you like one!

HER VIEW - One of our favs on the island! This was our 2nd visit (1st was 3 years ago) but this was our first time to the new location, and we had so much fun once again! We went for drinks one night with the intention of returning the next day for dinner (we remembered how great the food was) but didn't know they were closed the next day and then we were flying home ;-( But Josh was there again working and we told him how our first visit we loved his guitar and singing so he pulled his guitar from behind the bar and performed a song just for us! Be sure to try the "Hurricane's" mixed drink - it is really tasty. They have like 5 levels of mixed spirits in the drink so be sure to ask first. Oh and look for our "Beer & Bikini" beer koozi up on the ceiling area.. and be sure to bring one of yours from home, Josh will staple it up there too! It's a fun decor and great to see koozi's from around the world. They also own the spa across the street that just opened and Tanisha Tours if you are looking for excursions. Facebook Instagram


HIS VIEW - This is the second re-incarnate of the Palapa Bar we have been to. Love the atmosphere and inner tube corral (I made that up). Great vibe and music. They have some really cool sides to go with 47 beers or shots of rum. Lots of live entertainment throughout the week. Pitched a palapa here!

HER VIEW - The first visit to the Palapa Bar was three years ago when it was located north of town. Then the hurricane hit and destroyed it. They re-built right in San Pedro and we were excited to try this fun place again. The first time we indulged on Belizean Belkin beer and greasy appetizers, including deep fried bacon served with warm maple syrup. Sounds gross right? But secretly I found it to be delicious! The set up is still great - tubes floating in the water just begging to be played on, a nice floating doc, all inside the wrap around deck so it is pretty protected. We set up camp on the best two chairs facing the ocean.. admiring blue waters, and drinking a bucket of beer and enjoying the pork fried goodness. Chairs are hard to find out on the desk, so get their early, but the inside dining area is nice too. Still great views with the shade and big TVs if you are looking to catch a game. Facebook Instagram


HIS VIEW - In the middle of frickin’ nowhere, you and your sturdy golf cart happen upon this little gem that looks like SoCal stand off….5 food trucks surrounding a bar with an inflatable Santa (probably not during the Summer...sorry). There is also an Alligator pond for stupid tourist natural selection experiment, a pool with swim-up bar, evening movies, ant the best damn wood fired pizza with mashed potatoes I have ever had (just order it)!


HIS VIEW - Awesome service and a few strides/ stumble from the water. Open air and non-pretentious (I guess nothing here is really). Lose yourself in the music, smells, and that vat of rum.

HER VIEW - Like he said, service was fantastic! And as the picture shows below, you have phenomenal views of the ocean and can watch people as they leisurely ride their bikes, enjoy the sounds of the water, and by far this was some of my favorite food!


HIS VIEW - Great location and views. Service was prompt and friendly. Great Jerk Chicken Pizza. He said Jerk…..

HER VIEW - Located on the beach not far from the ferry dock, this restaurant has great beach views. It was a last minute thought to stop and I am glad we did. They have a huge menu, but we opted for their jerk chicken wood fired pizza and Belizean Belkin beer.. and wow, it was amazing. We greatly appreciate this restaurant as they are continually fundraising for the locals and the island. Check out their Facebook page to see more about their philanthropy efforts.


HIS VIEW - I am not that kind of chocolate person, but based on my brides eyes, it was super good, and we bought some, cuz that’s what you do if you’re looking for a little tropical magic!

HER VIEW - MMMM..mmmmm.mmmm... put this chocoholic girl in a really cute and delicous chocolate boutique and I am n heaven. Some of the world's best cacoa comes Belize and these people know how to make it into bite size goodness. They have every type of chocolate from hot/cold drinks, cookies, brownies, and candies. Wish I would have brought a suitcase full back. www,


HIS VIEW - Great location and views. The food wasn’t bad, but the staff seemed a little more interested in hanging out with their friends. I don’t require a lot, but another round would have been great!


HIS VIEW - Awesome service and a few strides/ stumble from the water. Open air and non-pretentious (I guess nothing here is really). Lose yourself in the music, smells, and that vat of rum.

HER VIEW - So convenient behind our hotel, but we ate their every morning because it was so tasty! Our morning routine consisted of walking to the bakery, grabbing some pastries (usually only cost $3 USD!) and going back to eat and sip coffee on our balcony. If you are looking for really american sweet sugary doughnuts then don't go here. If you want tasty authentic pastries.. this is your place!


HIS VIEW - I love that they can simply do that here! A stones throw from the old Palapa Bar location out in the middle of nowhere (45 minutes by golf cart, 5 minutes if they allowed cars….even a Prius). Friendly staff, and the closest thing to a Venti iced espresso with 6 pumps white mocha topped with nonfat I could find on the island (send Starbucks cards please).

HER VIEW - Oh my gosh.. I love this cute outdoor cafe'. HE is addicted to Starbucks, it's is one guilty pleasure (outside of a good cold beer), and since the country of Belize does not have ANY franchises, he was out of luck for the week. So it was fun to stumble upon this cute outdoor cafe.. The closest to his precious Starbucks that he is going to get to! The cafe' is located adjacent the Daydreamin B&B vacation cabanas. It is so quaint and nice, we are considering staying here on our next trip! .


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