Belize - Ambergris Caye, Ramon's Village Resort

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UPDATE: Our trip to Ramon's Village and Ambergris Caye was a few months before Hurricane Earl hit Belize and caused major damage and destruction. One of the things we loved most about Belize was the friendly, hard-working and very proud people who live there. The top photo on the left shows the two of us on the beach with Ramon's Village dive shop and pier in the background. Sadly the bottom photo is what was left of the dive shop/pier the morning after the storm (we found this photo on a news article). The great people of Belize worked hard for months and rebuilt their beautiful island and businesses. We are very excited to go back some day!

(Due to technical difficulties we lost many of our photos and videos of our trip, so we have indicated which photos below are from website.)

*Click Here to read about eating and getting around around Ambergris Caye

~ Getting There ~

HIS VIEW - The cool thing is, you fly in to the island on a crop duster, and go to the resort on a golf cart (no cars allowed on the island). Swashbuckling!

HER VIEW - We flew into Belize City from the US and you can either take a small "puddle jumper" plane of about 8-10 people, or take an hour ferry ride. We opted for the quick 20 minute flight and we were so happy we did. The views travelling over the ocean and small islands are incredible! Ok, so I got a little freaked out by the small size and old plane, but once we were in the air I was happy to see the views. Upon landing at the tiny air-strip in San Pedro on Ambergris Caye, a Ramon's Village staff member was waiting for us with a golf cart to take us to the resort - a quick 4 minutes away.

View from the really tiny plane (gulp) as we flew from Belize City to the island of Ambergris Caye

I think HE had a bit of a nervous smile in that tiny plane!

~ The Resort ~

HIS VIEW A tropical paradise. Really hard to beat. Lush bushes and crap like that.

HER VIEW - This resort is in my favorite part of the island and you are in the heart of the city of San Pedro. Very walk-able to great restaurants and we NEVER had one bad meal anywhere. It also has the nicest beach (in my opinion) on the island. Be sure to rent one of the resort's golf carts as 90% of the transportation on the island is by golf cart. Click here to read our Ambergris Caye suggestions

Yes, that is my sexy man relaxing on one of the many beach lounge chairs

Above pool photo from website

~ The Room ~

HIS VIEW It’s literally a palm thached roof. The end. Super awesome for that tropical off the grid feel.

HER VIEW - Walking through the resort to the rooms is a bit like being in a jungle, even though the city is just behind the property fence. Amazingly there is NO bugs even amidst the lush green tropical plans (guess they must spray a lot of bug repellent!). It is just a couple blocks from the small island air-strip and flights start coming in around 7am every half hour which didn't bother us. But they do provide ear-plugs if you need them. The jungle room that we stayed in was secluded and the sound of the wind or rain on your thatched roof was magical. You may want to upgrade to one of the ocean front rooms, the views are spectacular!

Above photo from website

Above Jungle room photo from website

~ The Grounds ~

HIS VIEW - Green. You are literally on a small skiff of an island and you go out, see the ocean , and realize you are literally a hurricane from extinction. There is a great dock that you can enjoy quiet time with your favorite girl…. Boy were they surprised when they saw us!

HER VIEW - Its really like walking through the jungle with sand pathways and tropical views. The pier is a perfect spot to sit with a rum and coke and watch the sun go down. No bugs here either, they must spray well! Just beautiful.

Above beach photo from

Evening view of Ramon's drive shop and pier from the beach



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