Bordeaux, France - From Beer to Wine Switch Up

"A meal without wine is called breakfast"

Yes, I dragged my sexy sweet husband away on a vacation that didn't involve cold beer or toes in the sand... and he actually liked it! We switched our beer glasses for wine stems and flew off to Bordeaux, France for a 7-night Amawaterways Cruise on the Dordogne and Garonne rivers. We arrived after a 14 hour travel day, exhausted and a bit cranky and ready for a drink. Once we got to the doc in the beautiful city of Bordeaux, we boarded the luxury small AmaDolce ship where wine and food were waiting from friendly staff and the week-long fun party began!

The Boat

HIS VIEW - It’s so long! Really amazing how they can manage to float one of these big ass things down a river. Incredible amenities. The room was incredibly well appointed and every possible creature comfort was thought of. Favorite part was the top deck (or whatever they call it in nautical terms). Sit and drink coffee or wine and watch the French countryside go by. Unreal, and no way to see this driving around in your Peugeot.

HER VIEW - The AmaDolce is a small river cruise ship holding only 146 passengers but with 45 crew tending to your every need! Even though it is small, they designed each space to feel spacious from the lounge to the restaurant. The staff was my favorite part of the cruise. Top-notch service, tending to your every need with a great smile on their face.. even after working 18 hours a day. Incredible.

The Food

HIS VIEW - I am not a big foodie, more of a “drinkie”, but I have told people over and over again, imagine the best resteraunt and the best service every day for a week. Not even joking. I am all about the beaches and Bikini’s, but everyone should experience this once, and at least know that the scarf they give her as a parting gift can be a great restraint.

HER VIEW - Um ya.. I can feel myself salivating as I am looking at the photos again. One friend told me it's called "food porn" and he wasn't wrong. AmaWaterways buys and serves locally fresh foods, and regional cuisine. For breakfast and lunch you can have their buffet with many choices, and/or order from the menu. Dinner is from the menu but many choices for apps, soups, main course and desserts. The menu changes every single meal and every single day, so you will always find some delicious goodness to eat. All is included with the price of your cruise!

The Wine

HIS VIEW - When wine was included with lunch and dinner....and might I say good wine, I did my best not to let the exceptional staff down by denying them the opportunity to fill my glass, and they did not let us down! All drinking aside, overall the wine was exceptional throughout the trip, and extremely reasonably priced. I need a nap!

HER VIEW - Wine, wine, wine... did I say Wine?! It's a Winos heaven, or spelled Wineaux when you are in Fance ;-) Unlimited wine and beer is served at wine and dinner and is included in the cost of your cruise. The bar has spirits and alcohol beverages are served at the bar for a fee outside of lunch and dinner. Every afternoon we got a drink (or 2!) from the bar and went up on deck to enjoy the French countryside scenery go by, and of course we imbibed on after dinner drinks in the lounge while listening to live music and entertainment. Oh! How could I forget all the wine tasting excursions which were also included in the cruise. I think we had purple teeth at the end of 7 days.

The Ports

HIS VIEW - The great thing about being on a river is that you are neve too far from your next port. My favorites were:. Blaye- great town and mideaval fort with great history and views. Limeass stone winery with so much history and lots of great wine. Bourg- great excursion event at house of wines with hillside wine tasting and pairing. You feel super awesome like the guy who owns this great city during this event. St. Emillon was the highlight for me with the incredible architecture and history, cheap wine, and true feel like you are in France. Bordeaux- honestly haven’t been to France prior, but this is the real deal! Rainy day while we were in the city, but amazing to experience so much culture and vibe. I have no reason not to want to return to this region. Better than I ever expected.

HER VIEW - Amawaterways and their US and European based staff do an amazing job of finding unique wineries and places to visit. They really are special and the winery owners and staff go out of their way to show you their wines, production and grounds. Be sure to go on the St. Emillon excursion, such a beautiful little village, scenic views and the exact ambiance of France you are looking for. HER TIP: Be sure to go into Bordeaux a couple of days early or stay late after your trip. This city port is fantastic, very easy to navigate and walk around. With the 2.5 hour train trip from Paris to Bordeaux non-stop, it is a great way to see the both magical cities before your cruise.

We Found Beer!

Last day of our vacation we spent a rainy but fun afternoon exploring the beautiful city of Bordeaux. After getting caught in a rain squall, we warmed our soggy selves at Molly Malone's Irish Pub with a few pints of beer. Great way to cheers the end of a great trip.


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