Mexico - RIU Palace Cabo San Lucas

"What happens in Cabo, stays in Cabo!"

RIU Palace Cabo San Lucas was refurbished in fall of 2016 and from what we have heard and what we experienced, they did some pretty cool things. Like changing one of the rooms off the lobby to a 24/7 snack/drinks lounge. Feeling hungry before going to your room? ....Stop by the snack/drinks lounge. Wanting a mixed drink after breakfast before the pool bar opens?... Stop by the snack/drinks lounge. Yes, yes, we got our money's worth in drinks alone this trip!

We really enjoyed this property for the cost, and now we are SO excited they are building a new Adults Only RIU Palace Baja California next to the current RIU properties. Supposedly opening December 2018, this new property on the top of our 2019 travel list! We are quite positive this new resort will be everything the Palace is, and more, including no kids!


HIS VIEW - Expansive property with all the amenities you would expect from a higher end all-inclusive. Very clean and updated. The mini-mart with the drink dispenser off of the lobby is a plus!

HER VIEW - Yes, it is large - there are 2 sides, the quiet side and the loud side. We had the Junior Suite Partial-Sea View room. It had modern decor, clean, plenty of space, comfy bed, big shower, and a decent view of the grounds and ocean. Honestly we had so much fun at the pools here, we weren't in our room much at all. We stayed on the "loud" side, but we had a facing view of the theater so were able to enjoy the show every night from our balcony. This resort has the best housekeeping! You have access the RIU Sante Fe next door if you want more entertainment, pools, beverages and dining, but very focused on family friendly. So we stayed away, preferring a more adults vibe. H


HIS VIEW - Hard to beat. If you have been to Cabo, you know the views are either ocean, or desert wasteland, so shoot for the ocean! Great opportunity to spend the afternoon or evening enjoying the views of El Medano beach, or the honeymooners in the suite across the way dabbling in exhibitionism.

HER VIEW - Fantastic views! Everywhere, palm trees, beach, pools - really great visuals. The grounds were always kept immaculate and I just couldn't get enough photos of the spectacular views every day.


HIS VIEW - Food was great. Amazing service, and lots of options. Exceeded expectations overall for this resort. Bacon was always top notch!

HER VIEW - Plenty of food everywhere! From the Cappuccino coffee bar, to the buffets, snack/drinks lounge and all of the restaurants. Be sure to try to the Steak House, was so good I wished we had eaten there every night! No need to make reservations.


HIS VIEW - Free flowing! Really great at the pool bar…especially during the foam party (fresh take). Yes, there is a foam party at the swim up bar, and for some reason, girls feel more inclined to get off the chain when them foam is flyin’. Your room is equipped with all you need to get started. The bars are restaurants do a nice job keeping your glass full with a decent variety of spirits and drinks.

HER VIEW - With every room having a drink dispenser, you really have to watch yourself and not start too early! The bartenders area all amazing, especially the pool swim up bartenders - we tipped big and frequently, those people deserve it! Always had a smile on their face, and had my shot of tequila ready for me with no salt, not lime-just like I prefer it! Be sure to go to La Ventana for drinks, the views of El Medano beach are incredible.


HIS VIEW - Bring a sports bottle! I went with Fanta and Vodka (truth) to start my day at the mini-mart right before the pool bar opened. That way when the bar opened, we were better positioned to get the best seats (in the pool) vs. waiting for drinks. Also, pool bars are great for kanoodling, and quick check on how long a dude can go with a bathroom break (hot take….don’t put your head under water at the pool bar).



Just chilling on El Medano Beach - enjoying beers, views, and of course our logo wear!


Traveling couple in search of

Great Beers🍺 + maybe a Beach 🌴 + Bikini 👙


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