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"Hangin' Loose with the Cocks of Kauai'

Kauai known as the "Garden Island" is the oldest of the Hawaiian islands with 111 miles of coastline, and over 70% is inaccessible by foot. Kauai's Mt Waialeale is the wettest spot on earth, averaging 450 inches of rain per year. But don't let this deter you from this beautiful island! There is lots of sun down south in the Poipu area, and up north is the magical Hanalei Bay, where you will find some of the best surfers, laid back feel and where Peter, Paul & Mary wrote the 70's song "Puff the Magic Dragon". You can almost feel the relaxing energy in town of Hanalei, but there is so many places in the island to visit you could literally find a new cool spot each day. Roosters and chickens run wild on Kauai after Hurricane Iniki years ago destroyed many of the farmers chicken coops, and the Hawaiian monk seal is native to the island. It's our fav Hawaiian island for sure.

~ Kauai Island BrewingCo. ~

HIS VIEW - Fresh burger, and sweet brews! Down to earth local vibe that looked like a great place to pass out at the bar.

HER VIEW - Be sure to stop when you are down in the south part of the island for homemade fries, awesomely fresh burgers and even better beer = good times! My fav beer is THE FONZ IPAaaaaaaaaaa... delish! We stopped after spending a day at Salt Pond Beach Park, sun filled, hungry and thristy. This place filled both needs!

~ Porky's Kauai..Aloha in a Bun! ~

HIS VIEW - The best use of pork in a confined space on a tropical island known to man! The pork grilled cheese is epic. Brown bagging it with rum and coke makes it better.

HER VIEW - I seriously staked this place out before our vacay! Tripadvisor rated it #1 on the island and I had to get it. With 2 locations, one south and one in Kapaa you can have it more than once. Only 3 choices on the menu (and all were delish!) - Get a Pineapple Sausage, Beef Dog, or Grilled Cheese all with slow roasted Kailua pork, fresh pineapple, grilled onions and sweet or spicy BBQ sauce...mmmm.. you don't want to miss this place!

~ North Shore General Store~

HIS VIEW - The best mini-mart food you will ever have. Wood fired pizza next level quality. Don’t kid yourself, you can still find dusty post cards, Tylenol, and St. Ides, but that only adds to the experience.

HER VIEW - Do NOT let the appearance fool you of a gas station store fool ya. Absolutely one of the best wood fired pizzas we have had - especially the fig and arugula pizza, we had to eat it twice on our vacation (pictured below with Kona Brewing Fire Rock beer). And the burgers are fresh and big too! Oh - and you can pick up your favorite Hawaiian beers to pair with the deliciousness! Located in the Princeville shopping center.

~ Wishing Well Shave Ice ~

HER VIEW - I loved this magical little shaved ice stand. Plenty of options of sweet combinations in the picturesque town of Hanalei Bay, with very sexy views (the mountain views were good too *wink*~).

~ Al Pastor Tacos ~

HER VIEW - So I am the only one that had this mexican goodness and I give it 2 thumbs up! Al Pastor Tacos is a cool little truck parked in a food truck parking lot. Food was fresh and served up quickly! Even the roaming chickens (see 4th pic), wanted to get in on the action. Located in Kapaa it's a perfect middle location when you are driving north-south or south-north for the day!

~ Kona Coffee ~

HIS VIEW - You have to drive a damn long ways to get here, but it is worth it. Didn’t do the guided tour, probably because I was having a cardiac event after trying samples of the many intense blends. Pretty sure I saw a little person squeezing each coffee bean individually with his butt cheeks. Whatever works!

HER VIEW - Loved ALL of the free samples of my fav coffees. Might have speeding all the way back to the condo from all the caffeine, but didn't get a ticket! The funny signs hanging around were pretty cool too (see 3rd pic). Wish we would have gotten there in time for the walking tour, but a cool place to visit at least once and get your coffee to bring back home! Really a good trip if you are down in the south island area.

~ Aloha Juice Bar ~

HER VIEW - Bananas, guavas and pineapples..oh my! Located in Hanalei, you can't miss the fresh fruit and wonderful eye pleasing colors of this juice cart. I could have had one of these every single day - so many choices, so fresh, and a nice detox from a night before of many Kona Brewing beers!


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