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"Vacation Calories Don't Count"

So many delish options on this island! Just be careful.. read review on different sites and carefully choose the amazing spots that have awesome reviews. Don't make our mistake and stop at a place and be thoroughly disappointed (ie: stay far away from Brisas del Mar restaurant, absolutely the worst).


HIS VIEW - What she said (below). Great views and value. The food was right on comparatively speaking to other island spots. They will serve you pretty much anywhere on property, and do so with a smile.

HER VIEW - We So at first I thought the Magic Island Grill would be just a convenient place to eat as we were staying in the connected Island Magic Beach Hotel. I quickly learned I was wrong! The quality and flavor of the food was by far the best we had on the island, and also the best priced! The tired two of us, having just spent 19 hours of travelling to get there, were thirsty and hungry! After 5 beers, an expensive run coke drink, 2 big lunch entrees (and priceless views) our bill including 18% tip was only $45USD ($90BZE).. um yeah.. we would paying way more than that back home. So we ate dinner there too - which was equally phenomenal. The Club sandwich below may look normal, but it is filled with local smoked ham - a smokey flavor you just can't get here in the states. Choose from restaurant seating, or down on the beach in the swinging chairs watching the ocean in the breeze.. ahh it's pretty darn magical.

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HIS VIEW - What the Hell?! You can’t really even describe this magic. You get a true taste and view of the food, people, and country. Sitting on this rickety-ass porch watching people pass by, heading to work and play, eating the most amazing hangover cure known to man, and getting it for less than your drink at Starbucks (which I do hate here). It is one thing you must experience on the island.

HER VIEW - Oh how to explain Errolyn's House of Fry Jacks? Well first, do NOT let the exterior fool ya. This authentic Belizean fry jacks joint is incredible. All the reviews we read about were spot on. If you haven't ever had the opportunity to embrace the goodness of a Belizean fry jack let me explain.. it's a delicious dough deep fried, cut open and filled with ingredients of choice - eggs, ham, bacon, beans or all of it! I mean who doesn't love fried dough with yummy stuffings? Oh and the coffee is the best black coffee I have ever had, and I am extremely picky! Cost is between $1.75 - $2.25 USD each, not a bad price at all. There are about 6 chairs you can sit at to eat, and watch the morning commute - and by that I mean golf carts passing by, the stray pups happily playing in the street, locals having a conversation.. gotta love the slow paced life in Belize.


HIS VIEW - This is why I love Belize. The new frontier...The “F-it, let’s try it” spirit. Water swings, check! Dock that would scare away the OSHA inspector with his hair on fire, check! Incredible rasta service, check! Imagine that moment when you are listening to Bob Marley for the first time gazed across turquoise waters, and yeah, had a bunch of beers. Yep! That’s it. Get your Sip on!

HER VIEW - Ok by far my favorite water playground ever! The food was pretty good, we had hand battered chicken strips and fries, but it is the amazing service, the over the water playground, buckets of cold beer (I mean buckets!) and front row access to the ocean's front door. The best place we have hung out for an entire afternoon ever!


HIS VIEW - Swinging with beers is super cool. Check out their badass redneck bottle opener! Sneaking in a Fryjack from Erroly’s is probably a better alternative as far as the food goes.

HER VIEW - Meh.. even though the food photos look delicious, they both lacked flavor and the shrimp were very chewy. BUT I will recommend getting a bucket of beer and hanging out on the swings at the tables (they have swings instead of chairs) and feel like a kid again, enjoying the ocean views, swinging to the upbeat music and enjoying a cold one. Just can't recommend the food.

~ Lazy Lizard~

HIS VIEW - So there’s always that girl that has it going on, the look, accessories spot on (if you’re in to that), is from the best neighborhood…..but has that laugh/ brain/ attitude that makes you want to run the other way. On this day, Lazy Lizard not only lived up to its name, but was that girl. Missing just enough to make me run the other way, but damn she was a looker!

HER VIEW - Looks like a fun place, we had a couple beers and we were ready to thrown down some money that afternoon on food and drinks, but sadly.. couldn't get any service. If you want over priced touristy environment, then it's the place for you. Can't really say we missed much.


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